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Three Reasons To Choose Gyprock Plasterboard

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Are you relining a damaged wall in your home? If you have looked at the plaster on the walls of your property and thought that it is time to replace it, then you must decide how to proceed. You could choose to apply wet plaster to the walls or use plasterboard instead. There can be advantages to either approach, but in most cases, using plasterboard or a similar product makes better sense. There are at least three reasons that plasterboard is the right choice.  

A smooth finish 

One of the chief reasons people like plaster is that it provides an even, smooth finish that can be painted. Both wet plaster and plasterboard can produce a smooth finish, but working with wet plaster requires a high degree of skill, while plasterboard already has a smooth surface and only needs to be fixed into position. The only smoothing that you must do is fill in the screw holes and any joints between pieces of plasterboard. Unless you want to hire a professional tradesman, Gyprock plasterboard offers a faster, easier way to achieve a good result.

A faster result

If you have ever worked with wet plaster, you will know it takes a long time to dry. If you are plastering a room, you will come to the end of the plastering and find that you can't do any more work until the plaster has dried. This enforced break in your work can often be highly inconvenient. You probably can't put much of the furniture back in the room until the plastering and painting are completed, but you can start the painting until the plaster is dry. Gyprock plasterboard is dry when you install it, so you can carry on with the next stage of the work immediately.

Less rework is needed 

Once the plasterboard is in place, it should be fine. You can carry on work with the confidence that the plastering part of the job is complete. If you are working with wet plaster, you can't always be that confident. Sometimes, when wet plaster is drying, it can crack because of a loss of moisture. Any crack in a recently plastered wall can be repaired, leading to a loss of time as not only must you complete the repair, you must then wait again for the repair to dry before you can continue with your work.

For more information on plasterboard, such as Gyprock plasterboard, contact a contractor in your area.