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Tips to Help with Your Custom Kitchen Remodel

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When renovating, there are a lot of things to think about, from the cost of the overall upgrade to the efficiency of the storage. Here are several tips to help you get the most from your remodel.

Opening Up the Space

Consider ways you can open up the kitchen without moving load-bearing walls entirely, as doing so will add to renovation costs. Instead, you may be able to create an opening in the wall between load-bearing beams. Thus, the wall will be partially open to a living or dining area. Or it may be possible to reconfigure the room with pillars that do the heaving structural lifting so you can enjoy an extended space. Having a partly open kitchen may provide the perfect balance between not feeling too secluded in the kitchen and having clearly designated zones in your home.

Plumbing and Electrical

Another thing to consider when creating custom kitchens is the plumbing pipes and electrical wiring. The less you have to move and extend these, the fewer costs you will face. So, do you really need to move the kitchen sink and appliances from their current positions? You may think the extra cost is worthwhile for a different layout.

If you're constructing a kitchen island, using it as a benchtop without a sink or cooktop will reduce the amount of plumbing and electrical work needed. Though at a minimum, you might need to run wiring for electrical outlets on the island.

Changes to Create Spaciousness

Some design choices will help you make the kitchen appear more spacious than its meterage. For example, a skylight will let natural daylight filter inside and give the sense of a bigger room. You could install light reflective surfaces, which will help as well. For example, use pale colours for the walls, cabinetry and floor.

Eliminating visual clutter also gives the impression of a roomier kitchen. Handleless flat cupboard doors form a smooth surface without too much detail. You can also eliminate joint lines on the floor with a continuous surface such as polished concrete. If you lay tiles on the floor, use large format tiles that leave fewer grout lines.

Storage Access

The accessibility of the storage in your kitchen is crucial to making it a pleasure to work in. You probably don't find it enjoyable to get on your knees and reach around in a dark cupboard for an elusive item. You can get rid of this experience altogether by installing drawers rather than cupboards under the benchtop. With drawers, you can pull them out and see everything inside, from a bird's-eye view. Thus, they're a more practical solution. You can also fit drawers in room corners, making every area accessible and not wasting any potential storage.

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