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3 Reasons to Install an L-Shaped Staircase

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If you're building a new home or remodelling your current property, then there are certain key decisions you must make when you are designing flow and access. For example, you need to choose a staircase that meets your design preferences and your space needs.

While straight stairs work well in many homes, there are times when you need to be more creative. In some builds, an L-shaped staircase is a better solution.

These stairs form a right-angled shape with a built-in landing that breaks up the run of the treads. Depending on your design preferences and layout, the landing can be towards the bottom or the top of the stairs.

What are the benefits of installing L-shaped stairs?

1. You Have Space Limitations

It's not always possible to get a straight staircase in your home. You need enough space for people to access the stairs and for the treads themselves to run up to the next floor.

Even if you could use this design, you might end up with a staircase that is very steep and that doesn't feel safe to use. You might have to compromise and put the staircase in a less-than-ideal place.

An L-shaped staircase helps you use your available space more flexibly. The angled turn creates space for itself so the main tread length can be shorter. It needs less room. This is a useful solution if you want to place a staircase out of the way against a wall.

2. You Don't Like an Open-Plan Look

Some people like to have an open-plan flow running through their homes. They create big spaces rather than distinct rooms. They want their staircase to carry this open flow upstairs.

However, if you prefer to create a more zonal design, then you want your downstairs rooms to be separated from the floor above. An L-shaped staircase helps do this.

The angle in the staircase makes it harder to see upstairs from the ground floor or to see downstairs from the top. This can also help reduce noise between your floors.

3. You Want a Safer Staircase

Stairs can be dangerous. If you slip or trip when you're coming down them, you could have quite a fall especially if your staircase is straight.

If you're worried about your own safety, or have elderly people or children living with you, then an L-shaped staircase may be a safer option. These stairs are split into sections to give you a shorter fall before you hit a landing.

To find out more about L-shaped designs, talk to your building contractor or staircase supplier.