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Ideas To Enhance The Function And Style Of Your Newly Installed Custom Wardrobes

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When most people think of renovation projects that will improve their home, they rarely consider upgrading their wardrobe. Yet, if your closet is not serving all your storage needs, you may find that you are constantly wading through clutter in your bedroom, which has a direct impact on your focus and overall mood. However, remodelling your wardrobe is not merely about making it bigger in an attempt to stuff everything in sight inside it.

Instead, you need to have an idea of the functionalities the current closet is not meeting so that you can have the contractor redesign and construct a new wardrobe that will enhance the organisation of your life while contributing to a cleaner, more polished appearance. Check out the following ideas that can help enhance the function and style of your newly installed custom wardrobe.

Custom drawers

Once you have the opportunity to install a tailor-made wardrobe, you should forgo conventional drawers that are found in mass-produced closets. Consider drawer designs that will match your storage needs and allow you to store anything ranging from belts to lingerie. Accessory drawers are a great inclusion for your custom wardrobe. These drawers are shallower than standard-sized drawers are, making them perfect for the storage of jewellery, cosmetics, watches and more.

Another solution that you can include are organizers that will create space for items such as ties and sunglasses, which helps keep them arranged systematically while protecting them from dust. Your general contractor can provide you with additional ideas on drawer sizes and shapes that will suit your needs.

Incorporated hamper

When you think of a clothes hamper, you probably think of that basket in your bedroom where dirty clothes never end up or one in your bathroom that seems to be full continually. Well if you are tired of always locking eyes with dirty clothes strewn on the floor, you should consider having the hamper built directly into your custom wardrobe. Having a hamper incorporated into the design of your custom wardrobe comes with several advantages.

For starters, it makes it easier to keep dirty laundry in the right place since you can easily switch out the clothes you are wearing when picking out a new outfit. Secondly, because the hamper is built-in, it translates into less clutter around your bedroom or bathroom. The dirty clothes are hidden away until you do the laundry, and this contributes to keeping your bedroom tidy.

There is a multitude of additional ways that you can make the most of your custom wardrobe, so consider more with your general contractor and use the above ideas as a starting point.