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What You Need To Know Before Installing Marble Benchtops In Your Kitchen

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If you are an avid home cook and love to spend time in the kitchen, whether while preparing meals or simply to congregate with your family and friends, you are potentially looking for ways to update its appearance. One of the most common areas to be affected with progressive decline is the benchtops, as these as the surfaces are used for chopping and cutting — not to mention the hot pots and pans frequently placed on them too.

But what materials should you choose for your benchtops once you decide to update them? Granite and butcher block may be popular options, but if you want to add a luxurious appeal to this space, marble stone is an excellent solution. To ensure that you are making the right decision, here are a couple of things worth noting about using marble stone benchtops in your kitchen.

Is marble automatically an expensive inclusion to your kitchen?

Marble has gained a reputation of being one of the most premium materials that you can invest in for your home since it is usually associated with a high price tag. While some types of marble stone, granted, are expensive to purchase, some can be pocket-friendly depending on your budget. Calacatta marble happens to be one of the priciest options since it has a striking white surface that is distinguished by its prominent veining in a dramatic dark hue.

Carrara marble, conversely, has a grey-white hue that is not as stunning as the pristine white of its Calacatta counterpart, but it does offer a degree of visual interest to your benchtops. The veining on Carrara is also not as dramatic as that of Calacatta but instead has a softer, greyish colour.

Is marble bound to etch with continual usage?

A characteristic about marble stone you may be unaware of that makes it ideal for benchtop applications is its inherent heat resistance. Unlike other supplies that may scorch from radiant heat, such as butcher block, marble can remain cool to the touch. Therefore, if you like to bake, then marble stone will be a great option for your benchtops as long as you place your pastries and baked goods on a potholder over the surface.

Nonetheless, you should note that marble does have a vulnerability to acidic liquids and discolouration. This vulnerability is attributed to the porosity of the stone, and when it occurs, the surface of the marble etches. To prevent this from cosmetic damage, it is imperative to have the marble benchtops sealed at least a couple of times annually, depending on how frequently the benchtops are put to use.