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Importance of Road Markings

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Motorists constantly rely on signage and road markings to guide them. A quick glance at the markings provides a clear picture of what the motorist needs to do. However, unclear markings can be hazardous for both drivers and pedestrians. Here is a look at the importance of road markings.

Road Markings Prevent Unsafe Speeds

Drivers experience difficulty with speed signs because in some jurisdictions they are not present. Furthermore, some signs are not noticed by drivers because they are on auto-pilot or their attention is directed elsewhere. Effective road markings provide drivers with information that helps them reduce unsafe speeds.

Reduce Specific Road Crashes

Several studies have shown that the use of road markings reduces specific car accidents. Opposite direction accidents and run-off-the-road crashes are common on highways with poor road markings. Impaired and older drivers are mainly affected by these crashes because of their poor vision and cognitive deficiencies. Enhanced markings with more retro-reflectibility and large signage can help reduce the cases of opposite direction and run-off the road accidents.

Work Safety Standards

Line markings are required to uphold certain safety standards. Property owners who do not install line markings inside parking lots or warehouses are liable in case of injuries or accidents within these premises. The establishment of safety in warehouses involves using line markings without which property owners risk incurring fines. For example, industries should have pavement markings that indicate designated loading and offloading areas.

Safety in Schools

Line markings also ensure safety in schools. If traffic signs are absent in front of schools, the probability of road accidents is high. Lack of these markings leaves motorists confused about speed limits, lane transitions, and pedestrian crossings which often lead to accidents. Schools that are located near public roads should ensure they use markings for the safety of motorists passing by and school buses leaving the institution.

Types of Line Markings

Some of the common line markings you will come across for roads include:

  • Markings to indicate turns
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Warnings of stop signs
  • Edge lines
  • Centre lines

Some of the common line markings you will come across for parking lots include:

  • Entrance and exit line markings
  • Parking and no-parking areas
  • Markings to identify crosswalks
  • Arrows indicating the direction of traffic
  • Markings that show dips, bumps, hazards, and clearance
  • Supplement stop signs

Summing It Up

While many people overlook the importance of road markings, they play a significant role, especially for motorists. Apart from showing drivers which lanes to use, these markings prevent road accidents. In workplace settings, markings prevent injuries at worksites by showing designated areas for parking, loading, and offloading. 

For more information on road line marking services, contact a contractor.