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Private Building Certification Advantages

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Building certification in the hands of a private certifier is more advantageous than letting your local council do the certification. This sounds like a great strategy if you plan on commencing a construction project.

Because you might not be fully convinced that a private certifier is the way to go, here are three good reasons why you should opt for a private building certification.

Less Wasted Time

Opting for a private building certifier could end up saving you a lot of time in the long run. This is for the simple reason that certifiers from your local council are bound to have a huge workload on their hands at any given moment. With such huge workloads, there is no doubt that you are likely to experience inconvenient delays before your certification is done.

The fact that private building certifiers have less workload means that they would be in a position to offer certification services with a greater degree of promptness.

Higher Scope of Building Certification

Another reason that makes private building certifiers more advantageous is the fact that they are able to offer a wider range of certification-related services.

Because of the amount of work that they have at any given time, certifiers from your local council will only provide the mandatory certification service package, which includes checking for the structural integrity of the building and matters related to that.

If for example, you would like to incorporate green certification into the process, a private certifier would be more willing to help than your local council would, simply because green certification does not necessarily feature in their scope of work.

Therefore, with private building certifiers, you can easily get more than the mandatory building certification package. This means that you can easily get more value for your money.

More Availability for Consultations

In conclusion, there is the fact that private building certifiers are likely to be more readily available for consultation if and when such a need arises.

This is because a private certifier is working for you. A certifier employed by your local council is working for the council and he or she is not on your payroll. Therefore, he or she will not be mandated to be as readily available as a private certifier would be.

There will be a more personal relationship between you and a private certifier than there would be between you and a certifier attached to your local council.

For more information, contact a local private certification specialist.