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3 Aspects of a Building Inspection Report

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Before you buy a house that is already built, you should have a certified building surveyor inspect the house and provide a building inspection report that contains details of the physical condition of the house.

In the ideal situation, the seller of the house should be willing to meet part of the cost of the building inspection. Here are three important details that should not miss in a building inspection report.

Foundation Strength

Arguably, the foundation is the most important section of a house. This is because a house that rests on a weak foundation is not safe for you and your family to live in. Due to the importance of having a strong foundation, this is perhaps the first item that should feature in your building inspection report.

When it comes to the foundation, a building inspection specialist should provide details of the physical condition of wooden stumps that might have been used on the foundation. In the case of a concrete foundation, the specialist should provide details of any cracks that might need to be repaired or replaced.

The report should also include details of any other renovation activities that might be needed on the foundation of the house.

Pest Assessment

Another important aspect that should not lack in a pre-purchase building report is the prevalence of pests such as termites on wooden building fixtures around the house.

A comprehensive building report should identify areas of the house that might have been infested by pests because such areas will need to be renovated.

In the same breath, the building report should identify fixtures or areas of the house that might be prone to pest infestation even if the infestation has not happened yet. This way, corrective measures can be taken to prevent the likelihood of pest infestations in the affected areas.

The Roof

Lastly, a comprehensive building inspection report should not fail to establish the physical condition of the building materials used on the roof of the house. Establishing the physical condition of roofing materials on the roof is important because it will give you an idea on whether or not the roof will start to leak in the near future.

Also, the condition of insulation batts that may have been used on the roof should be outlined in the building inspection report so as to determine whether they are fit to continue serving their intended purpose on the roof.

Contact a building certification and inspection company for more information.