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4 Essential Personal Protective Gear Every Construction Contractor Needs

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Construction sites have a high potential for health and safety hazards; thus, there are safety rules in Australia and many other countries to protect construction workers. Ensuring workers use the right protective gear is a responsibility every contractor should take seriously. That will help them protect everyone from any potential risks and hazards. Here is a list of safety equipment that every construction site should have.

Protective Equipment Against Dust and Toxic Gases

During construction, paint spraying, sandblasting and rock crushing are frequent. The best protection against dust and toxic substances from these activities is the use of dust masks. It is also good to have some respiratory equipment for protection against poisonous materials to ensure workers do not breathe in air contaminated by dust particles.

Protective Equipment Against Foot Injuries

Foot injuries are common hazards in construction sites, resulting from falling objects or stepping against sharp objects that can either crush or penetrate in the foot. The best way to protect workers from such injuries is by providing them with sturdy work boots. Several steel-capped work boots available in the market can ensure the feet are well protected against any falling or sharp objects.

Protective Gear Against Injuries to the Head

Numerous building sites need workers to use some machinery and tools that produce a lot of noise, posing a significant risk to the workers' ears. Protective earplugs are necessary to ensure the workers are not affected by the loud bangs. However, it is essential to ensure they are clean before using them. Also, it is necessary to protect the workers from falling objects that can hurt their heads. A protective hard hat will keep the head safe from those objects and also from any electric shocks.

Protective Equipment to Increase Visibility

The use of high-visibility clothing is necessary for all construction sites. They protect employees from moving objects. The position of every individual working in these places should be visible to all. That way, the operators using heavy machinery will be able to spot their colleagues to avoid collision and ensure safety for all.

Every construction worker needs to have personal protective equipment while working. Before beginning the project, make sure those working on it are well prepared for the task. Providing the right health and safety equipment helps keep the workers safe from any possible risks. 

It is the responsibility of the employer and the employee to ensure safety at work by following proper safety measures. Therefore, check that everyone in the construction site has the right protective gear.