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Tips on How to Make Your Separate Kitchen Feel Open

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If you're renovating an older-style, separate-room kitchen, you may be determining whether to transform it to an open plan or to keep it separate. Open-plan kitchens create a unified, spacious, and airy atmosphere. However, it can be tricky to generate the right temperature in open areas. These homes can cost more to cool and heat, and it can be harder to determine the right warmth for everyone. Those working in the kitchen may prefer a cooler temperature to those sitting in the living room watching TV, for instance.

On the other hand, separate kitchens that were built decades ago can feel closed in and confined. When renovating, you can get the best of both worlds by retaining a distinct room, but using expansive doors and windows to open up the kitchen and connect it to other rooms and outdoors. To discover tips on how to go about doing this, read on.

Connecting to Other Rooms

One way to create a more open-plan feel while keeping your kitchen distinct is to remodel the doorways between the kitchen and the rest of your home. For example, rather than a single door, why not broaden the entryway to accommodate bi-fold doors or double french doors, for instance. Also, consider the door material. Glass forms a barrier keeping the kitchen separate while opening up the view to other living areas, which will make them feel more connected. So you could widen the doorway area, use transparent glass, or combine these two methods to create a sense of an open plan design.

Connecting to Outdoors

Another attribute of open-plan homes is the feeling of openness and spaciousness they engender. You can renovate your separate kitchen to have these qualities by remodelling the openings to the outdoors. For example, rather than just a single window over the sink, why not build a wall of windows connecting your kitchen to the garden? If the window faces a fence, you could plant a vertical garden full of luscious foliage. Other options include glass-panelled doors to a courtyard. Alternatively, what about a skylight that allows soft daylight to flow into the kitchen? The extra light and outside access will create a more open and airy ambience.

Thus, you can channel some of the positive attributes of an open plan kitchen while renovating yours as a separate room. By expanding doorways to other indoor living spaces, you'll create a more unified feel within the home. Additionally, large entryways to outdoor spaces will make your kitchen airier and more inviting. The advantage of custom kitchens is that you can tweak your design any way you wish.